Christina Wright is a seasoned costume designer and costumer whose work has been featured in a wide variety of productions on the stage, in film, museums, and other settings.

Please see the Bio section for an overview of Christina's work, Productions for an in-depth look at the various plays, films, and other media productions with which she's been affiliated, and the Gallery for photos of her costume designs. Christina's costuming and costume design work in film is detailed on

Featured News:

"Christina Wright (costumes) create(s) a vivid performance environment .. Wright’s work is most memorable with her wild, green, tentlike outfit for the three-headed Troll King (Moreno, assisted by Roberts and Zes). The Troll King, in fact, provides some of the most memorable images and biggest laughs of the evening."

 - excerpt of the Kansas City Star's 5/1/11 review of Peer Gynt, Kansas City Repertory Theatre



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